Welcome to Rubix Children's Home.

Welcome to Rubix Children's Home, where our unwavering dedication creates a safe and nurturing haven for young people. Our mission is to empower and support every child who enters our doors, igniting their potential to craft a brighter, impactful future. Through our commitment to inclusivity, collaboration, and evidence-based practices, we curate an environment of understanding and cooperation among household members. This paves the way for a harmonious living space where everyone thrives, unlocking pathways for confident, resilient, and successful individuals. Join us in building a solid foundation for a meaningful life, where innovation and advocacy resonate to craft a better world for all.

Our Mission

At RUBIX Children's Home, our mission is to create a harmonious and cooperative living environment for young people aged 11 to 18, ensuring compatibility among household members. We address complex needs, abuse, neglect, and learning difficulties, fostering personal growth and preparing them for a successful future. Through tailored care plans, skilled staff, educational support, emotional well-being, and community engagement, we provide a safe and nurturing space where every child can thrive and build the foundation for a meaningful life. Our commitment to inclusivity embraces diversity, and we offer individualized care even for those with unique backgrounds or needs.

Director of Rubix Children's Home

Our Homes

We offer our children who have experienced disruptions in their development an environment of safety and care through Rubix Children's Home.

Our top priority is keeping them safe, healthy, and feeling secure and loved. Rubix Children's Homes properties are owned by the company to ensure that young people and external stakeholders have a sense of stability. From large homes with multi-rooms to one-bedroom flats for 16+ young adults, our property portfolio is continually growing.

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